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Singing course

Superior Singing method

Superior Singing

Improve your singing voice with the Superior Singing method & singing course.

Vocal Tips

Train your voice for maximum results and become a better singer with this 3 tips:

  1. Vocal Agility – The ability to move quickly between all ranges It is often the difference between an average singer and a professional singer.
  2. Resonance – The difference from having a thin timid voice vs a full powerful voice. You can have a very powerful voice with little effort
  3. Mixed Voice – Eliminating cracks and breaks in the notes, being able to hit high notes with excellent pitch and great power. When you can master the mixed voice, the sky is the limit.

Download the full method for all the tis and exercises.

Some people think it is impossible to transform and IMPOVE your voice, which is not true at all.

All Tips

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