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Learn how to sing

Singing course

Singorama is the course can download right NOW to improve your singing. This singing system is the best way to improve your singing at home with the tutoring of a professional vocal coach.

Melanie Alexander has put together a complete singing system for everyone.

Singorama singing course

Melanie has been successful as a vocal coach and a singer. She had a number one hit single in Australia as a member of a pop band called “Girlfriend”, two platinum and a gold album.

Vocal Tuning Calisthenics

Transform your voice beyond you have thought it was possible. 

Tip: You already have the incredible and professional-sounding singer’s voice that you’ve always wanted.

Even though you think you don’t sound very good or sing as good as you could is simply because you have not learned how to use your vocal chords properly yet.

Invest in yourself

Practice 15 minutes a day consistently and become a better singer today!

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Singorama singing method



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