Acoustic Guitar Covers EMIR – Million Years Ago (Adele) Beautiful song and acoustic cover version. Covers The most watched covers on Facebook: Viral Covers

Acoustic Covers Samantha Harvey Human Samantha Harvey, celebrating over 300,000 subscribers on youtube covers “Human” (Rag’N Bone Man), beautiful acoustic & piano¬† cover. I’m only human, after all, I’m only human, after all… don’t put your blame on me. I’m only human, I make mistakes, I’m only human, that’s all it takes, to put the
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Acoustic Covers Coloring Book Album I LOVED the album and this song, so hope y’all like my take on it! Audio is up on soundcloud as well: Soundcloud: Instagram: Twitter: Original “Blessings” by Chance The Rapper

Youtube cover uploaded by Johann Vera. I hope you really like our latest cover of “Photograph” by Ed Sheeran. Special Thanks to the beautiful and talented Oriana Sabatini. To the amazing guitarrist and singer Nate Promkul. And our great director , Natalie Mcpherson. Johann Vera Youtube: Subscribe to Johann Vera Facebook: “Like” Johann Vera Oriana
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