Game of Thrones Violin Covers The famous Game of Thrones Theme (GoT) performed by the controversial Ben Shapiro Violinist Ben Shapiro playing the Game of Thrones theme on violin. Covers Gone Viral Find the latest viral covers or submit your own music covers on our social media sites. Search for “viral covers” to find us.

Violin Covers Faded Youtube Robert Mendoza plays cover of “Faded” (Alan Walker) on violin. Where are you now? The best violin covers of pop music… and all sorts of covers gone viral. Join Viral Covers on Facebook!

Reggaeton Instrumental Covers Reggaeton cover on violin, playing Maluma Borro Cassette Maluma This girl does a very nice reggaeton cover on violin. The video was sent to us as unknown. By the way… if you know who she is, please let us know. Learn violin Want to learn how to play the violin? Check out
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The theme of Zelda’s Breath of the wild Video shot and edited by: Davor Jelacic (VioDance) Music recorded and produced by: Davor Jelacic and Rebeca Sanchez (Becky) – VioDance DJ & Violinist

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